John Powell


John Powell is the owner and handyman at the studios. He is a Hollywood film composer of note, and is soon hoping to try adding a second. Click here to learn more.

John Traunwieser

Engineer / Mixer

John has worked for John for 10 years, from How to Train Your Dragon to Han Solo (with the other John). He learned to mix from Shawn, which kind of sounds like John. He wanted to name his dog John, but his wife said “that’s not funny.” Click here to learn more.

Batu Sener


From a far, far-away Mediterranean city, Batu has worked alongside John for 5 years — in the prime-spot room at 5 Cat Studios. He’s indisputably best buddies with Moose. Indisputably! Click here to learn more.

Anthony Willis


Anthony arrived at 5 Cat Studios in 2012, hoping to focus on his amateur tennis career, but got distracted composing music for films. It’s hard to believe that he was once an angelic choir boy from Windsor. Anthony loves all the 5 Cat poodles equally. Click here to learn more.

Kelly Adams & Kamille Rudisill

Songwriters / 5 Cat Studios Executives

Kelly & Kamille started dreaming up stories and songs when they were little girls growing up in Hawaii, and they haven’t stopped since. When they aren’t working as in-house songwriters and executives at John Powell’s 5 Cat Studios, they travel the musical multiverse as frontwomen for their band, Karmina.

John Michael Caldwell

2nd Engineer

John Michael is a Louisiana native and one of the newest members to 5 Cat Studios. He was a bit confused when he first arrived because of all the poodles. He’s since confirmed he’s working at the correct studio. Click here to learn more.


(Chocolate) Moose was spawned of “Elvis The Wonder Dog,” and like his uncle is another poodle of the “supermodel” type. His hue matches his sweetness and his scent is that of bubbly love mixed with slightly chewed cheek. Click here to see more!


Count Manderville Crash Wallis (aka Chase), aligns Democratic, comes from the streets of Compton and insists on wearing his top hair naturally. His favorite film will be “Call of the Wild.” Click here to see more!


Aussie “Oz” Clemwieser, the youngest of the poodle triumvirate. Not a morning person. Loves destroying plush dog toys, especially the really cute ones. Will do anything for a chicken treat. Secretly into the Royal Family as he shares a birthday with Prince William. Click here to see more!


Flea McVitie (out of Biscuit Featherduster the III) is the last remaining of the original group that gave “5 Cat Studios” it’s name. He is of a very rare breed called “Himalayan Jazz Cats” and much prefers going upstairs to down, as he feels it’s beneath him.